Intermed Hospital Chinggis Avenue 41, Khan-Uul District 19, Uildver 17040, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Intermed Hospital Chinggis Avenue 41, Khan-Uul District 19, Uildver 17040, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Intermed Hospital laboratory provides accurate and timely analysis for everything from basic blood tests to complex pathological studies. Our skilled team uses the most sophisticated lab analytics to help diagnose and provide answers 24/7.

We use the latest analytical technologies from Japan (Sysmex), Switzerland (Roche), France (Biomerieux), and Germany (Leica).

To insure quality and safety, our laboratory constantly perform internal safety and quality tests, and also participates in National External Quality Control programs and the Asian Quality Assurance Survey Program for auditing.

Laboratory service:

• Clinical laboratory
• Molecular biological laboratory
• Microbiological laboratory
• Histology, cytology laboratory

• Complete blood count (23 parameter, 5 part diff WBC), ESR
• Coagulogram: APTT, PT(sec), PT (%), PT(INR), TT, Fibrinogen, D-dimer
• ABO cell type and serum type, Rh type, crossmatching
• Biochemistry tests: Liver, bile, pancreas and kidney function, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, cardiac, lung and systemic disorder, anemia, electrolyte, Blood gas analysis
• Serum and urine osmolality
• Urine analysis (24 and 27 parameter)
• Urine tests: Hemosiderin, pophyrin, HCG, Bence Jones protein in urine
• Body fluid analysis
• Fecal occult blood test
• Immunology tests: Hepatitis viral markers, tumor, cardiac, bone markers, thyroid and adrenal function, systemic disorder, H. pylori stool Ag, prenatal screening, TORCH, immunology parameters, HIV
• Serology tests: RPR, TPHA

• Hepatitis virus quantization (HCV-RNA, HBV-DNA)
• Sexually transmitted disease (HPV 16/18, N.gonorrhoeae, C.trachomatis, M.hominis, M.genitalium, U.urealyticum, G.vaginalis)

• Culture, ID & ASТ bacteria and yeasts in clinical specimens
• Parasite ova in stool, Rota & Adenovirus Ag, C.difficile toxin in stool
• Microscopic examination of vaginal smear
• Microscopic examination of fungus in nail, hair and skin
• Group B streptococcus screening test

• Pathologic lesion examination / totally and partially removed
• Aspiration biopsy specimen examination
• Cytology /cervix, breast, thyroid, lymph node, urine and other body fluids
• Endoscopic biopsy specimen evaluation and confirmation of malignancy at early stages / lung, esophagus, stomach, small bowel and colon, rectum, bladder, and prostate

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