Intermed Hospital Chinggis Avenue 41, Khan-Uul District 19, Uildver 17040, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Intermed Hospital Chinggis Avenue 41, Khan-Uul District 19, Uildver 17040, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


In the framework of “Health Surveillance Program”, occupational health examinations for the prevention of workplace injury and illnesses of employees are being provided in cooperation with national and international organizations, enterprises and individuals.

The main purpose of the “Health Surveillance Program” is to organize examinations based on the assessment of health, safety, and hygiene requirements, standard and non-standard working conditions, and health risks in order to reduce occupational and common diseases, disability and the risk of loss of working hours, increasing the productivity of employees and organizations by promoting health.

Within the framework of the program, a team equipped with international standards and qualification methods, and instruments certified by international external control, conducts laboratory analysis.

Occupational health service has three main purpose of the following:

  1. Early detection of occupational and common diseases affecting the employee’s ability to work,
  2. Assessment of Fitness for work after incapacity for work due to common diseases,
  3. Assessing Fitness for work after incapacity for work due to occupational diseases,

Target group:

  1. Employees in standard and non-standard working conditions,
  2. Employees of workplaces with health risks such as factories, mining companies, construction, and healthcare setting,
  3. Remote site employees

Within the scope of the program, the following “Fitness for work” assessment services are provided.

OH general examination:

  1. Pre-employment medical examination,
  2. Periodical employee examination
  3. Exit medical examination,

OH Additional examination:

  1. Changing working condition,
  2. For Cause medical examination,
  3. Working at remote sites

OH Specialized examination:

Return-to-work examination is a comprehensive examination that restores the worker’s ability to work in a short period of time and sends him back to work. It includes:

  1. Accidents and injuries at the workplace,
  2. Domestic accidents,
  3. Acute workplace poisoning,
  4. Evaluation of an employee who has been sick for one month or more,

Additional OH service:

  1. Occupational health nurse management and prompt service,
  2. Occupational health documentation assessment,
  3. Occupational health and specialist assessments for chronic condition monitoring, follow up visits,

The Occupational Health Department provides services using internationally certified medical equipment, laboratory tests and applying international standard of the following:

  • Vision screening and ophthalmologist assessment /fundoscopy, vision at night and day illumination, stereo depth, color vision, refractometry, corrective lenses/,
  • Lung function test -Spirometry /American Thoracic Society, European Respiratory Society and Mongolian standard – MNS, GOLD and ACOEM guidelines /,
  • Hearing test- Audiometry /OSHA standard, ACOEM, /
  • Electrocardiography – treadmill test, echocardiography and cardiologist full assessment /AHA standard/,
  • Respirator fitting test /OSHA standard/,
  • Hearing protection fitting test /OSHA standard/,
  • Chest-X ray-/ILOB reader standard/,
  • Laboratory testing /JCI and WHO standard/,
  • Others /DOT and BAC testing, biological monitoring /,
  • Medical doctors, nurses, management, and registration team members have been licensed or possess specialization diploma from the Ministry of Education and Culture and are working annually renew certifications through international monitoring team’s audit.
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