Patient’s Rights

Intermed Hospital is dedicated to caring for each patient with respect and dignity. We consider the patient as a partner who wants to understand and make informed decisions about his / her own health care. The patient and his / her family can be involved in the medical care by understanding this policy. All our  patients are entitled:

Dignity and respect

  • To be treated with dignity and courtesy; to be given considerate and respectful care at all times and in all circumstances
  • To receive prompt treatment for any emergency life or limb threatening condition that is likely to deteriorate if such treatment is not given, regardless of financial status
  • To receive impartial medical care regardless of race, creed, gender, national origin, religion/cultural beliefs, or sexual preference
  • To receive prompt and reasonable responses to questions and requests
  • To communicate with persons outside our facility; to receive visitors, mail, telephone calls, and other communication during their stay as long as they do not interfere with their ongoing treatment or that of others and meet our general policy for patient visitors.
  • To have any restrictions on communication discussed with them
  • To be free from physical restraints that are not medically necessary.





Organizational service

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